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Key Cannabis Growing Terms Worth Your Knowledge

There are quite a number of terms and supplies that you need to know of if at all you are looking forward to growing cannabis indoors. Here is a look at some of the terms that you need to ensure that you have an idea of when it comes to the need to grow cannabis indoors.

We will first take a look at the cannabis growing equipment and the growing systems essential for the cultivation of herb indoors.

When it comes to the growing systems for cultivating cannabis indoors, one of the terms that you need to know of is aeroponics. Generally, when you hear of aeroponics, this is essentially the process or practice of growing plants in an air or mist environment in which there will be no use in any way of soil or some other form of aggregate medium.

Aquaponics is the other term and practice, in the systems for the growing of cannabis indoors that would be worth knowing some bit of. By and large, this is a practice whose name alone tells of the fact that it is a combination of the two practices, aquaculture and hydroponics to come up with the name aquaponics.

Aquaculture is essentially the raising of aquatic animals such as snails, fish, and pawns in a tank and hydroponics is the practice of growing plants in water. Talking of aquaponics in particular now, this is the process of raising both plants and animals, of aquatic nature, in a common environment for there to be created such a symbiotic environment. Having such a set up essentially creates such a symbiotic environment in the sense that the waste products that will be produced by the aquatic animals will provide nutrients for the hydroponic plants while the plants themselves will serve to purify the water environment for the animals therein.

You must have heard of Deep Water Culture, DWC, as an interested person in growing cannabis indoors and you must be wondering what it is if it is your first time. Generally speaking of the Deep Water Culture, DWC, this is basically a form of hydroponics cultivation system where the plant's roots are often seen to be hanging inside a highly oxygenated nutrient and water solution. When it comes to hydroponics in particular, this is basically a style of growing plants whereby plants are grown without the use of soil. All you will require to practice hydroponics are the plants to grow and a mixture of plants and liquid nutrients. You can find out more details about the methods, supplies and other factors that are highly recommended for perfect growth.

Take a look at the Grobo One Automated Grow Box as a typical example of a hydroponics growing system. There is the hydroponics system where the plants roots sit in a coarse growing medium and this is purely for support purposes while a water and nutrient solution will be flowing past the roots at a set time interval and this is known as the Ebb and Flow. Find out more about marijuana growing by clicking here:

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